Weird Sex Toys O’ the Week #3 – “Flower Fucking Edition”

on November 27, 2008

Hello everyone – it looks like my intended weekly weird sex toy feature is becoming more of a monthly venture! That being said, I bring you without further ado, WEIRD SEX TOYS! This week we have talking things to stick your penis into, and the most fuckable Ikebana ever produced in the history of my blog.

Teagan’s Sweet Talking Ass: Because when you’re screwing a disembodied anus, it ought to be able to at least hold up a conversation.

Talking Sheep: First, you could blow her up and screw her. Then, you could blow up a tiny pocket version and screw her. NOW…she baahs when you stick your penis in her.

And, for a special treat, a bouquet of inexplicably flower-shaped male masturbators: Kaylani Lei’s Ruby Pussy, Lotus Collection Mini Flower, Stroker Bud, Gina Lynn’s Wild Pussy, Black Orchid Masturbator, and Daisy’s Playpal.

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