Massive Manufacturer List

Removed Items – Broken Sites, Out of Business, etc.

Papaya Toys / Silicone Dildos and Vibes (Site appears to be closed down permanently, 12/18/18)

Thomas Collins – Whimsical ceramic dildos with an unusual corked water-fill option for temp play. (Links to site/Etsy are no longer working, 7/13/14)

Atraw Ceramics – (Site no longer exists, removed from list on 2/6/17)

Hot Rod Condoms – (Waiting on Manufacturer Response, 3/23/12)

Eros & Isis  (Site no longer exists, removed from list on 2/6/17)

Goldfrau – “Exclamation Point” shaped ceramic dils with gorgeous art-nouveau and solid color designs. (Site down, 3/7/12)

Diamond Lovetoys – Stone vibrators. (Site malfunctioning, 3/7/12)

Die Empfangsdamen – Pretty and simple designs, well packaged. (No items for sale  as of 7/17/11)

JT’s Stockroom *** – A few noteworthy large black stone offerings. (No stone dildos any longer as of 7/17/11)

Duncan Charles Designs – (Site no longer exists, removed from list on 2/6/17)

Lovemoiselle – Ceramic dils with simple, pretty floral patterns, as well as some with vibrating cores. (Manufacturer site is not working as of 7/17/11)

Hardwood Dildos – (Site no longer exists, removed from list on 2/6/17)

Jildos – (Site no longer exists, removed from list on 2/6/17)

Luxotiq (Site no longer exists, removed from list on 2/6/17)

PicklePants – Fired clay, rustic and whimsical look. (No items for sale as of 7/17/11)

Relaxstone – Sandstone dildos and plugs reinforced with a metal core (Manufacturer site is disabled as of 7/17/11)

Stone Monster – HUGE glazed ceramic plugs and dildos. (Manufacturer site is disabled as of 7/17/11)

Bravo Condoms – (Manufacturer site not working as of 7/17/11)

Angelic Aromas – (Manufacturer site not working as of 7/17/11)

Chocoholics Divine Desserts – (Manufacturer site not working as of 7/17/11)

Chocolate Party Hats – @ – (Manufacturer site not updated for 1+ year as of  5/10/12)

Ruff Doggie Styles – NY based company, cute and playful designs for light and beginner bdsm-ers. (Manufacturer site not working as of 7/17/11)

Insinuate – (Manufacturer site not working as of 7/17/11)

RubyGlass21 – USA made, inexpensive, 24k gold fumed designs, amazing customer support. (No info website available, only an affiliate storefront)

Trimensa / ForPlay (No info website available. Company can be reached at (805) 499-2446)

Miko  – Their teardrop-shaped pretty plugs feature a large sparkling faux gem in the base. (Manufacturer site not working as of 7/17/11)

Steel Vineyards – Famous for “G-Pops” – spheres of metal or semiprecious stone on long rods for insertion. (Manufacturer site not working as of 7/17/11)

Late Chocolate – (Manufacturer site not working as of 7/17/11)

Sugar Sak – Antibacterial BioShield75 lining to keep germs curbed during storage. Drawstring style pouches. (Manufacturer site not working as of 7/17/11)

Jollies – (Manufacturer site not working as of 7/17/11)

Soju – (Manufacturer site not working as of 7/17/11)

TotalJoy – (Manufacturer site is now a retail store 7/17/11)

Boise Wood Dildos – USA Based Etsy store (No items for sale as of 7/17/11)

Legion Wood – USA Based Etsy store (No items for sale as of 7/17/11)

32 responses to “Massive Manufacturer List

  1. Epiphora says:

    I love this list so much. You might want to check your links, though — I found quite a few dead ones. Also, you should add Papaya Toys. 🙂

  2. ravenquince says:

    You may want to add Sliquid to your lubricant list. They manufacture glycerin and paraben free natural personal lubricants.

  3. […] As she’s just updated it, it’s time to say Wowza! That Toy Chick has gone and created a Massive Manufacturers List, complete with links (where able).  She’s built the list concentrating on the lesser […]

  4. Nadia says:

    Excellent listing!

  5. RichardShhh says:

    Thank you for this exhaustive list which I have provided to some of my most favorite female, 20-something bartenders and servers who give me the most wonderful hugs of my life.

  6. dominadoll says:

    Awesome List. Thanks for compiling it!

    Here’s a few for you-

    TTC: (All have been added to the list now – thanks so much!)

  7. Adriana says:

    Liberator makes glass toys and I know they’re trying to spread the word. Have you considered listing Etsy shops? I know of several that make BDSM equip and even one which does ceramic dildos!

    • Hey Adriana! Yep, I know about liberator’s glass offerings – I’m trying to keep companies classified under their strongest items. Plus, those glass shapes aren’t “made” by liberator, they’re made by a third party that only sells to liberator, effectively rendering them unavailable for sex toy buyers.

      There’s actually quite a few Etsy shops on the list, including the ceramic dildo maker Picklepants. 🙂

  8. Hey,Thanks, this post might come in handy. Was looking around for quite a bit for something like this and couldn’t find it then a friend of mine told me to search you up, he’s a reader here you might know him from pass comments? The name’s Steve.

  9. Love your list. I own an upscale lingerie/toy boutique and found a few manufacturers that interested me. Thanks for putting it together.

  10. Suction Cup Gal says:

    Thanks so much for such a comprehensive up-to-date vendor list. Very rare to get insights like yours.

    • Thank you kindly for your comments! 🙂 I apologize for removing your .com address, but I can’t allow your affiliate site to be posted on my blog out of principle. Myself and several other colleagues have had problems with them in the past.

  11. will Underdown says:

    hi you say u where a buyer.I have an adult toy product that does not exsist on the market today .It can also go into the mainstream markets such as drug stores & big box stores etc.. how or who would I turn to in getting this to the adult marketplace . Thanks will

  12. jeannie hung says:

    i have a PE product and looking for manufactures could you help me

  13. Rob says:

    How would I go about becoming a male sex toy tester, does anyone know?
    Been trying to find out for a while now.

  14. Robert Walter says:

    HI, great list, Does anyone know how I can become a sex toy tester?

  15. Tabatha says:

    I am looking to start an adult toy/novelties business that is strictly online and I want high end products with the best quality. Which manufactures are the best with high end quality?

  16. Nakia Smith says:

    I would like to become a sex toy distributor. Can you link me to the right places, companies that may need representatives to sell them.

  17. kyle garcia says:

    hi anybody know where i can buy a wearable silicone body suit with realistic breast and realistic penetrable vagina? thanks very much

  18. Priscilla says:

    Do anybody know any other sex toys testers site companies. I want to become a sex toy tester.

  19. john the pervert says:

    You missed “Babes n Hornry” a UK company.

    I found them through a toy used in “Masterclass” book on Anal Sex

    Just a male pervert with good taste

  20. Rach says:

    Looking for the manufacturer of a certwin toy cause i lost the charger if i uploaded a image coukd u help ?

  21. pain says:

    Would love if you could add our web shop to your list

  22. haha, it’s a great list, i’m tring to do the same thing for Chinese manufacturers, help people to tell real manufacturers from Cheaters.

    Good job.

  23. fluffyhil says:

    Hi There! This was such a helpful article. How much do you know about the actual manufacturing process? I’d like to create something for strap on wear. Sp the silicone manufacturers you’ve listed – do you know if any of them do customised things for order?

  24. Mel says:

    Can you tell us which ones do their manufacturing in the US? I see you have it listed on some, but not all.

  25. Joe says:

    Great List. Love that you’ve put everything in to one place and made it easy to find (checking out a few new shops as we speak). I actually make a variety of leather kink/bdsm toys and would love to be added to the list. 6Whips:

  26. Scott says:

    I would suggest Screamer Sex Swings. Been in business a few years

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