As Douglas Adams so aptly put it: “I seldom wind up where I wanted to go,
but almost always end up where I need to be.”

It began with swiping my parent’s Adam and Eve catalogs as a kid, placing my first clandestine order at 17, and being hooked ever since. Dildos and sex toys are the eye candy of adults, beautiful colorful things that are full of the promise of pleasure and happiness. Naturally, I want everything to do with them.

I’ve cultivated this identity, that of “ThatToyChick”, for roughly 7 years now. I’ve wandered away now and then for personal and family concerns, but always manage to find myself back in the delightful sexblogging community, rife with intriguing personalities and very dear friends.

I’m creeping up on 30, newly relocated to the wilds of North Carolina, and recently married to an amazing guy that I met, fell for, got engaged to and married in just a wee bit over a year. Best decision I’ve made yet. We live here in the Tarheel state with our little terrier mix, a rabbit and three cats, alternating rogue eBay selling with freelancing, cooking and gaming.

I am, or at least valiantly attempt to be, a fairly neutral person when it comes to most controversial matters. I don’t have the head or heart for politics, though I do have a strong bent towards supporting my GLBTQ folks, the right of all to get married, and the right of everyone to be -happy- and feel safe.

My one shoulder-chip is towards EdenFantasys – a company that I worked for several years ago that showed itself to be one ugly slice of the worst kind of corporate culture. I witnessed misogyny, transphobia, monetary theft, and forgery in my time there, among many other unsavory practices. I do not recommend them or their services.

10 responses to “About

  1. georgette says:

    I would love to know more what you mean by “I copywrite in fits of literary inspiration”.

    a newbie here. 🙂

    Aw, thanks for the comment love! I tell people the way I write is like trying to see one of those “cross-your-eyes” 3-D pictures…the more I concentrate, the harder it is. Evidently, my subconscious is very dependable for writing if I just shush and let it do it’s thang.

  2. nick says:

    You have some of the best descriptions of products LOL

  3. jbi says:

    Hey thattoychick! I love your style and substance, but can you open up nudging on twitter? I wanted to DM you a question but you don’t follow me… Keep up the good work!

  4. DPL says:

    You blog amuses me.

    I do a similar job as part of my work. But I write website copy. For tranny porn sites.

    Ahhh if only my college writing teachers could see me now.

    Hey man, I will take this over “I couldn’t do anything with my degree so I’m teaching even though I don’t want to be” ANY day. I look at it this way – even if you just go by numbers, how many insane amounts of people are seeing our work every day? We are inspiring them to stick things in or on their genitals! What other job can say that? When’s the last time someone looked at an engineering blueprint and started jerking off? (well, besides this chick)
    I am unabashedly in love with what I do nine days out of ten! -TTC

  5. Coy Pink says:

    Just wanted to let you know you’re missed. I’ve noticed your absence from Twitter. It’s just not the same without you! Hope all is well.

  6. Robert Mendez says:

    Are trannie site audiences demanding in the sort of copy they want? Are they finnicky about typos or grammatical errors? Do you use more turgid prose for that audience? Gosh, I just have a list of questions.

  7. Magico Martinez says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve been trying to find your contact details, but I couldn’t find them anywhere!

    Could you please contact me to my email? I am interested in partnering with you for advertising and/or sex toys reviews.

    Magico Martinez

  8. Evan says:

    Hi! Your website is great! I’m wondering if you have any advice for someone trying to create (license) a new sex toy. I can’t seem to find anything quite like what I’m picture, so I invented something new! Would really appreciate some advice from an experienced industry-surfer like yourself. Thanks!

  9. Jason rivera says:


    Ww are launching a new product line with a brand name very soon.would love some advice

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