Weird Sex Toys O’ The Week: Mystical Creature Parts Edition (Unicorn Horn Dildos)

on December 18, 2018

🦄 UPDATED: 12/17/18 – New Products Added! 🦄

I’ve touched (har!) on unicorn horn dildos in previous WSTOTW posts, but ya’ll – there have been developments on that front.

While I don’t think I’ll ever stop being super sad that Whipspider Rubberworks went under, I can thankfully console myself with SO GODDAMN MANY cryptozoological faux-wangs that Harry Fuckin’ Potter would start blushing.


First up, a dazzling array of color choices, and sizes ranging from Take it Tinkerbell  (6″ x 1.5″) to HOLY NARNIA (11″ x 2.75″) – check out these rainbow unicorn horn dildos:

The horny (I know, I know) goodness doesn’t stop there, either. You had to know there were more of these things. Have I ever given you a single weirdo thing to contemplate by its lonesome? Other than the infamous excrement dildo?

My newest silicone-casting crush, the fuckin brilliant pervs over at Geeky Sex Toys, have their own variation that’s a bit more – er – to the point, shall we say? At 7.5″ x 1.75″, they’ve got all the texture and shimmer you’d ever want out of a unicorn horn dildo.

Since this unicorn horn dildo blog post continues to be one of my most popular, I’m going to update it with new goodies as they cross my feed! The following additions are sourced via the ever-resourceful and always delightful @Curious_Kitt on Twitter! (Ty Kitt!)

These are just *gorgeous* – reminds me more than a little of the fabulous (and sadly, now defunct) Eros and Isis dildos back in the day. These sweet silicone horns come in a variety of sizes and three beautiful color patterns – they’re as much art as pleasure tool.

Sometimes you just want a little simplicity in your disembodied silicone-poured fuckable representations of mythical creature appendages, amirite? No worries, The Goblin Dildo Emporium over on Etsy has you covered with this to the point (har!) unicorn horn dil design, featuring over 289 custom color combinations:

Speaking of color customization, FckBuddies takes it a step further with tiered finishes (yummy gradients and rainbows, anyone?) as well as mica and glow-in-the-dark powder mix-ins that make this cheeky be-horned unicorn head your very own:

Is there anything glitter can’t do? It can make grooving on a unicorn horn more fabulous, if this beauty’s any indication. BeesBizarreBazaar came up with this head-turning confection of sparkling color over on Etsy:

As you may have gathered by now, Etsy is a phenomenal place to source some ridiculously creative dildos, particularly from silicone makers. Lovecrafters, for example, brings us this white-and-gold version that looks completely inviting:

Keep this post bookmarked folks! I’ll be adding to it as more unicorn horn fuckables end up in my feed. 🙂

(Update: 12/17/18 – Unfortunately, it looks like LemonTartToys is no more. 😦 I’m leaving the pictures and info up below because I think it may be the only Google-able record of the store’s lovely wares. If you’re the proprietor of LemonTartToys and selling elsewhere, please get in touch and I’ll be pleased to alter info accordingly!)

And…last but not least, I always try and toss a smaller maker into my WSTOTW list, because hey – indie sex toy makers need love too! Though her shop be small, LemonTartToys be mighty – she’s got some seriously pretty silicone Unicorn Horn dildos! At 7.5″ x 2″ diameter, they’re a great size, too:


Silcone Unicorn Horn Dildos from LemonTartToys on Etsy ($36.01)

If you’re looking for a little fairy dust in your O, these three manufacturers have lovely, twisty, shimmery goodies that are up to the task. Next week: tentacles!

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