Review: Masque Oral Sex Strips

on April 11, 2012
Masque Oral Sex Strips

Ooh fancy. (Blindfold by Kinklab & Tickler by Sportsheets)

When I receive a product to review, my first instinct is to look at it from every angle, read all the promotional materials and try and get a “feel” for the product overall. With non-mechanical items, this can be a little challenging, but not impossible. Masque was one of these challenges.

Masque is a single-use oral sex “strip” in one of four flavors – chocolate, strawberry, mango and watermelon.

Masque Oral Sex Strips

Each individual strip comes in a small foil package that opens by peeling apart the corner.

Masque Oral Sex Strips

Roughly the size and thickness of a Listerine breath strip, it’s placed on the tongue just prior to performing fellatio to “mask” the taste of penis to theoretically make oral sex more pleasant to the taste buds.

Masque Oral Sex Strips

I was surprised initially by the package text, as it specifies fellatio and not cunnilingus – sorry ladies! It does contain glycerin, an ingredient that can cause sensitivities and yeast infections in some female users, so that might be a good thing when all’s said and done. (By the by, for those intrepid readers out there, I also wondered wtf Pullulan was. Apparently, it’s a fungus derivative used in most breath freshener strips. Yum?)

Masque Oral Sex Strips

I wish I could say that this product was nifty. Yes, the concept is interesting (though I’d recommend a long talk with your partner about bedroom desires far before I’d fork over a flavored film to cover their taste) and the execution should work, but the taste just…isn’t quite there. I tried chocolate for myself and it tasted like a combination of burnt coffee grinds and menthol, which is odd because there’s no menthol in it. It filled my whole mouth with the taste and I will say this – I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between my partner’s penis and a bedpost at that point. It is VERY persistent – and I mean VERY – two toothbrushings and a vigorous rinse with mouthwash after the fact and it was still going pretty strong. In the name of science ToySir “stripped up” and popped a tab of strawberry onto his tongue moments before getting down to business. He sat up and pawed at his tongue almost immediately with a squinched-up nose – while I wasn’t fond of the taste, he genuinely disliked it. On my end, my lady parts felt…well…odd, and there was that menthol-y feeling again, only this time it was all up in my Georgia O Keefe. We rinsed off, brushed our teeth and declared Masque a less-than-successful experiment.

It bears mentioning that my partner and I are all about each other’s genitals, and bringing these little guys into the bedroom probably made about as much logical sense as non-smoking me chowing down on some nicorette gum. I wanted to give Masque a fair shake, though, and I can say that it successfully covers any hope you had of tasting your partner’s wang. My issue lies mainly on the taste used to fill the void – I feel like it misses the mark and that it’s less pleasant than the taste of penis. If you’re giving it a go, my advice would be to try a corner or a half first to see how it works with your particular taste buds.

Sorry, Masque – looks like partying incognito just doesn’t do it for this ToyChick.

Masque strips are available in three packs for $9.95 at

2 responses to “Review: Masque Oral Sex Strips

  1. This was horrible and maybe oral gels and sprays would be better options for you.

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