Weird Sex Toys O’ The Week #10 – “Va jay Jay” Edition

While these products aren’t exactly sex TOYS, I figure they deserve a nod for being directly involved with the naughty bits.

The Va J-J Visor! I was immediately given to scrubs-like daydreams of zooming these aerodynamic little pods across a table in a futuristic drag race. Meant to shield the inner labia from razor slips or while tanning/waxing/laser-ing, I have to admit that while the idea is a bit unusual it’s probably quite useful.  A six pack is less than ten bucks, here.

The second entrant into this week’s WSOTW is even more funny to me than it would be to most people, because it reminds me of a long-running inside joke between the guy and I about an imaginary affair named Coochia. The Cuchini is… put it on your girlbits when you’re going to wear tight clothing to prevent the dreaded cameltoe. They have a mascot the likes of which I’ve never seen. The Cuchini is an…..idea…and a relatively inexpensive one at four dollars. Bonus: you can anonymously send one someone who doesn’t seem to get your increasingly non-subtle hints.

Betty Beauty quite literally covers a concept that hadn’t been successfully dealt with previously, at least with such a user-friendly marketing campaign. A way for gals that dislike waxing, threading, or laser-ing their nether locks away to style their bush proudly, these dyes enable her vee to sport a rainbow of colors, from demure natural hues up to a blazing hot pink. Made for private parts, they eliminate the need for worry caused when migrating regular hair dye tenatively “downstairs”.  Color your pubes smurf blue for only $14.99!


Since I got a good response from my readers in my last WSTOTW for posting additional freaky links, figured I’d toss a few in here, too:

On principle alone, this book is one I want to own. Also, I might change the tagline of this blog to read “It’s difficult to love a woman whose vagina is a gateway to the world of the dead.”

While this is hardly a new link to the intarwebz, I have to give a nod to these adora-freakin-ble plush uterus toys on etsy.

And, of course, there are these – because how often does one get to use the phrase “explodes into little vaginas on impact” outside of hentai?

….And because this post has been a bit lady-centric….here ya go, guys – a penis tee shirt!

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