Weird Sex Toys O’ The Week #7 – “Admiration” Edition

So, sometimes there are weird sex toys that make me raise an eyebrow but yet I still want to squeak fangirlishly over. Just because something has an odd shape or it’s something that doesn’t appeal to me, it doesn’t mean it isn’t delightfully well constructed and worthy of praise. I had the wonderfully unique opportunity of making the acquaintance of a certain fellow business gal recently, of Wolf Princess Designs.

Her site is still in progress, but I can assure from what I’ve seen of her work that what’s on there is the tip of the iceberg. Gorgeous harnesses, “furry” earpieces, cleverly curled faux animal tails, and, of course, a bunny harness. What is a bunny harness, you may ask?


It’s vegan friendly, which is so hard to find in harnesses that this alone is worth mentioning. The pink faux fur on the front is charming and the tail SQUEAKS, for goddess’ sake. Squeaks. Can’t you see two nubile young nymphs cavorting about in nothing but these harnesses? I know *I* can.


My friends know I have nothing but love for the incredibly awesome Maine-based WhipSpiderRubberWorks. They are responsible for the Tentacle and the Easter Island Head Butt Plug, and now this gorgeous hunk o’ silicone here, the Orchid. Shaped like the real thing, it’s made for gals (*ahem*) who enjoy external stuff more than internal. The back cavity is made to hold a bullet of YOUR choice, and isn’t molded in as some silicone vibes unwisely do. I’m in lust with this little toy.


From the makers of the Sifeet Pussyfoot, they also sent me along a Queen Breast to play with. As my buddy AAG points out, they aren’t exactly sex-able if you only have one, but it’s damned cool. I’m a DDD/F cup, so I had the added bonus of knowing intimately what breasts of this size should feel like, and I’ll be damned if it’s not eerily real. Even the nipple. Getting it delivered in cold weather when you’ve forgotten it’s coming is a little weird, though – imagine reaching blindly into a box to grab what feels all the world like a severed breast, before coming across the friendly rounded bottom of it. It was almost CSI:NJ in my hallway.

-TTC out.


Weird Sex Toys O The Week #6 – “Foot Masturbators” Edition

Rather self-explanatory, there’s a whole subculture in the adult toy world cashing in on titillating tootsies. Personally, I am completely on the other end of the spectrum as far as liking feet goes, but to each their own!

Update, July 2009 – You foot fetishists are a dedicated bunch! Despite this post being written in -February-, I’m still getting a bajillion hits a day searching for “Serenity’s Little Piggies” or “Sifeet Pussy Foot”. Never one to ignore the needs of fans, I’d like to offer an additional peek at a NEW foot toy, a mold made from Adult Film Star Justine Joli. I’ve added the picture to the gallery below!

And so I present (with misgivings): Serenity’s Little Piggies, Kalani’s Foot Masturbator, Jesse’s Senso Foot Masturbator, and the fairly well-known Sifeet Pussyfoot.

I have no problem with foot fetishists per se; but the disembodied vaginas always freaked me out enough…these just..border on CSI props.