Weird Sex Toys O’ The Week – There Are No Words Edition

Ladies and gentlemen;

While I strive to provide off-color humor and tongue-in-cheek commentary on this blog, I seldom wander over the proverbial edge. While I’m certainly not family-friendly by a longshot, I try and keep a modicum of classiness to this joint to ensure I don’t startle off skittish readers. There comes a time in every sex toy blogger’s life, though, that something so jaw-droppingly out of the ordinary skates across the radar that I’m compelled to mindlessly share it with you. *

It’s a shit dildo. There is no other way to say it. No, those of you in the back still clinging with panic to the notion that maybe I meant a poorly-constructed sex toy. I mean an ACTUAL shit dildo.

I won’t post the picture for those with sensitive stomachs, but you can view this…erm…very special toy here. Shit Dildo Link (Holy FUCK this is soooo NSFW)


*kinda like that video tape in The Ring.