Mia Vibrator Review – Thanks www.GoodVibes.com!

Click Here to See The Mia!

Click Here to See The Mia!

I’ve been a fan of Lelo products since I was first introduced to them a few years ago. Jelly novelty vibes with misspelled packaging are all well and good when you’re 18 and broke, but now that I’m in my mid-20s I wanted a better class of sex toy. GoodVibes.com was kind enough to send me what has become one of my new favorite toys for a test run.

Thankfully, Lelo’s resoundingly answered the call with the Mia vibrator. I was delighted to find it was all I was hoping it would be, and then some! It was just as compact and discreet as it looked, elegantly packaged, and had functions which I didn’t remember reading about, but was happy to discover upon reading the easy to understand user manual.

The box it arrives in has a glossy slipcover over a black box that is durable and perfect to use for storage. It has a tidy plastic tray that perfectly fits both the Mia and her cap, and all the accessories underneath. With this cute vibrator comes a USB cord (the Mia can also plug directly into the computer, but it’s nice to have an optional cord for discretion or tight spaces), a white satin drawstring pouch, a one year manufacturer warranty, and the user manual.

Mia is no larger than a tube of lipstick, and shaped so it would easily pass for one in the jumble of a purse. When the cap is removed and the vibrator is plugged directly into a USB port, it looks like a flash drive or memory stick, preventing any raised eyebrows or prying eyes from discovering your secret. The Mia is smooth plastic, with a rounded tip that’s perfect for clitoral play. I received the pink version, but there’s also a lovely maroon purple available.

Sure, she looks pretty, but how does Mia perform, you ask? Admirably. The vibrations are super quiet, but more than enough to deliver, especially at the highest level. The silicone pad has small + and – buttons that light up when you press and hold them, allowing you to see as you scroll through vibration speeds and three pulsing patterns. I believe there are ten speeds in all, but it’s a bit hard to tell, especially in the middle of the range. My advice is to just hold down the + key until it feels good.

Because the Mia has a silicone pad, I only used water based lubricants with it to be safe (Silicone lubricant bonds to silicone toys and can ruin them). With the cap on, there is what looks to be a silicone seal that keeps lube and secretions from messing up the USB plug, which is a nice touch. I played with Mia with the cap on, because it made it much easier to maneuver and use – I have to imagine it’s designed to be used this way.

For every two hours of charge you get 3-4 hours of play, so this is one case where a rechargeable sex toy is both hassle-free and doesn’t sacrifice power. I just keep my Mia plugged in behind my computer when I’m not using it, just like a cell phone, so it’s always ready to go. My one complaint is that it seems strange Lelo didn’t go a tiny step further and make this computer powered vibrator a computer controlled one! I’d love to see a Mia 2 that is able to be controlled remotely through the internet.

Goodvibes.com has the Mia at a very competitive price, too! Just click the banner at the top to check her out for yourself. 🙂