Weird Sex Toys O The Week #6 – “Foot Masturbators” Edition

Rather self-explanatory, there’s a whole subculture in the adult toy world cashing in on titillating tootsies. Personally, I am completely on the other end of the spectrum as far as liking feet goes, but to each their own!

Update, July 2009 – You foot fetishists are a dedicated bunch! Despite this post being written in -February-, I’m still getting a bajillion hits a day searching for “Serenity’s Little Piggies” or “Sifeet Pussy Foot”. Never one to ignore the needs of fans, I’d like to offer an additional peek at a NEW foot toy, a mold made from Adult Film Star Justine Joli. I’ve added the picture to the gallery below!

And so I present (with misgivings): Serenity’s Little Piggies, Kalani’s Foot Masturbator, Jesse’s Senso Foot Masturbator, and the fairly well-known Sifeet Pussyfoot.

I have no problem with foot fetishists per se; but the disembodied vaginas always freaked me out enough…these just..border on CSI props.