Let’s Talk About Butts, Shall We?

I am not into butts, personally. Cheeks, external curves, aesthetics, definitely – but not many things go into my individual butt, because it’s just not my thing. I have, a time or two, put things in boys’ butts because, well, it’s fun and they make fun sounds when I do it. Cleanliness is typically a natural part of this type of play, so tools that make that happen are generally on my thumbs up list.

You wouldn’t think a specialized brush you cram into your anal area would irk me, but this one sort of does.

My Shiney Hiney Anal Brush Pictures

No, they aren’t earbuds. Wrong orifice entirely.


Meet My Shiney Hiney, a $14.99 tapered butt toothbrush that’s just a wee bit too cutesey for its own good. As a copywriter, my criti-guns tend to level at website copy first, and with the splash page advertising replacement “bristol brushes,” hulk’s already primed to smash. The fact that they speak in florid euphemisms and refuse to call the butthole region “hiney” over and over again – “A tropical vacation for your hiney” – and they shill it alongside a trio of scented ‘cleansing creams’ that instruct you to dip your previously-used brush head in the same jar is enough to give me pause. The company also makes a “whitening cream” for the butt, which sends up a gloriously crimson flag for yours truly.

Oh, and it’s gotten the stamp of approval (?) from none other than JWoww and Snooki of Jersey Shore fame. So, really, what else do you need? Hell, as of March 2016, you can even get Prime Shipping on this sucker over at Amazon. Ah, progress.



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