Weird Sex Toys of the Week: “Pew Pew Edition”

You’ve heard of explosive orgasms, but these toys take it to the next level. Here are some amorous armaments that will keep a good bedroom soldier at the ready:

Gun Dildo

1.) The Gun Dildo from Creative Mouldings – for only $46.95 you can have this non-latex pleasure pistol in all the biological holsters you can round up.

Little Death Ray Vibrator Gun

2.) The “Little Death Ray” vibrator gun from Lady Clankington’s Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities. $99 gets you steampunk style and one beautiful ballistic bedroom toy.

Grenade Masturbator

3.) The Colt Power Stroker. For only $16.07 you too can own a grenade shaped masturbator with an ass in the bottom. So much manly-manness you might spontaneously grow body hair. Or more of it, depending.

Bomb Buttplug

4.) The Bomb Butt Plug by Oxballs. A veritable treasure trove of toys for the WSTOW doesn’t disappoint with this kinky kaboom of a silicone butt plug, available for $48.

Violent Lips Webpage

5.) And if you want to salute your country with your moans of gun-toting ecstasy, look no further than a set of temporary lip tatts from Violent Lips, available as a set of 3 flag lip tattoos for $15.

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