Adam and Eve Beaded Glass Dildo Review


I was probably the last sexbloggish person to get into the whole “glass” thing, having only procured my first toy last year. I like my stuff squishy, so how could I possibly like something so unyielding? Oh, I did. Frequently. There’s nothing quite like the absolutely frictionless feel of glass, how effortlessly it pops in and out and how little lube one needs to enjoy it.

Porous materials, like jelly, actually absorb some of the things that make lube…lubey…and leave you with a sticky mess afterward – all the NON water components of water based lubricants. The body will also do this, of course, but not as quickly as some of the more porous toys. Why do I mention this? Because imagine what a nice, solid, non-porous toy does to stretch the usefulness of your lube in a given sexy session. It’s the (magnified) difference between pouring lube on a glass coffee table vs a kitchen sponge.

Where my first dildo was essentially a skinny wand with a small bulb at the end (like so), this glass dildo offers a lot more girth and texture to enjoy. The fat bulb on the end makes handling it pretty easy, and the four knobs are placed perfectly for curling the fingers between, enabling the user to rub the “twisty” end against anywhere they choose.  If the large ball is held in the palm, the twisty end and first ball combine with the toy’s subtle curve to make the perfect shallow thrusting toy to arouse the sensitive vaginal entrance.

The large ball end is not so huge as to make this glass dildo unmanageable when flipped around, either.  I wouldn’t recommend this as an anal toy, however, even despite the seemingly made-for-it graduated bulges…there is no flanged base and the potential for an “oh whoops”, especially all lubed up, is high.  Also worth noting is that my toy’s swirls are separated a bit from each other, giving a little “valley” between each swirl…the picture on Adam and Eve’s site makes it seem like they are closer together. These dildos are not, to the best of my knowledge, machine-made, so each is bound to vary a bit.

The pale purple color is very nice, too. Glass toys definitely benefit from a nice pastel shade to show off their natural material.  The red velvet bag will protect from light scratches and the casual snooper, but the lack of padding won’t secure it from more serious mishandling (like dropping it on concrete or something) nor will the drawstring closure deter persistent bedroom investigators.

Price wise, there’s just no arguing it’s awesome – $24.95! It’s a really cheap glass dildo that’s high on quality, which makes for a great combo.  It’s an Adam and Eve exclusive, too, so they’re the only place you’ll find this lovely piece of purple pleasure.  The Cyberglass (essentially pyrex glass) material can be lightly heated or cooled, but use common sense and don’t overdo it..if the temp can’t be comfortably held against the skin, it’s too much for both you and the toy! If you’re looking for a decent cheap lube, I tried mine out with Adam and Eve’s Pure Essentials Water Based Lubricant.