Weird Sex Toys O The Week: Strange Lube Edition

on June 11, 2014

I am a big proponent of lube. Love it as a concept, love it ‘in the field’, just love it in general. Sometimes, however, sex lube takes a turn for the weird. I present Weird Sex Toys O The Week: Weird Lube Edition –


Pot Lube (Foria)

I do not personally partake, but I understand the kids these days are really into those ‘funny cigarettes.’ I must confess it never occurred to me to shove a THC-laden extract of pot mixed with coconut oil up in my ladybusiness, but I imagine that some folks will be very excited about this particular innovation. It’s only available to California residents with a doctor’s recommendation letter, though, so don’t go hunting for it in the yeast infection/sexual funstuff aisle of CVS just yet.

Whiskey_Dick_Lube I am unusual amongst the women I hang with in that I never hopped the wine train – I’m strictly a bourbon and hard cider gal. That being said, I’m not entirely sure I’d be down with my favorite booze slicking up my toys and my husband, but again – I imagine some people will be all about this. This lubricant also may unseat the Head of State Dildo for the coveted “Way too many cutesy sex puns on one box” award.


Bad Dragon is a silicone dildo company that has grown to impressive heights in the last handful of years, specializing in furry-friendly anthromorph-ish dils – essentially, if you want a Griffin Cock, they’re your go-to. Their cum lube is well…pretty much exactly what it advertises. Looks and feels like the real deal. So…yep. It exists. You’re welcome, internet.

See ya next WSTOTW, Toychickers!

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