Project Sugarlips: Sweet Release for Him & Her!

on July 12, 2012

Project Sugarlips at


The nice folks at Sweet Release were kind enough to send two bottles my way – Sweet Release for Him and Sweet Release for Her – for my ongoing Sugarlips project. Life has been ridiculously uncooperative for putting these babies into action (finding time to give my husband a BJ shouldn’t be so hard!) but we finally managed to coincide taking them for a long enough period and getting down and dirty to give them a solid trial run.

Some of my main impressions about the pills themselves:

1.) They look unusual, but interesting. Most “enhancement” pills I’ve come across in my time have been solid chunks of something vaguely pastel. These are capsules, clear capsules, that let you see the ingredient mixture inside. Here’s a picture of them in my hand:

Sweet Release Oral Sex Enhancers







2.) When they say take with food or drink, they mean it. This isn’t to say there’s any tummy troubles with the ingredients, but the gelatin used for the capsules melts and gets sticky in the throat, making them uncomfortable to take dry. Lube (har!) your throat with a favorite snack or beverage before you take them or you’ll get that tortilla-chip-sideways swallowing thing going on.

3.) The men’s and women’s versions of Sweet Release look the same, though they do have slightly different ingredients – men’s has apple, for instance, while the women’s has citrus extracts. Both smell pleasantly fruity, and didn’t offend my relatively sensitive nose at all. There’s no aftertaste to speak of either, which is a big plus for me.

So, in practice?

I noticed the effect the most on my husband’s end of things. If you’re expecting your lover to start ejaculating karo syrup, it ain’t gonna happen, but there’s no product out there that can do that. What Sweet Release does, and does pretty effectively, is neutralize the ammonia undertones commonly “tasted” in sexual bodily fluids. He tasted more pleasant – I won’t say sweet, because I feel sweet is a very solid term reserved for things like southern tea and pixi sticks, but definitely different in a positive way. Prior to ejaculation, I didn’t notice any real change, so this project doesn’t make people smell sweeter in my opinion. If you’re having trouble swallowing or getting your partner to swallow, Sweet Release would be a great step in the right direction.

Sweet Release for Her was a bit more difficult to quantify through use. I tend to produce a lot of moisture naturally, so I feel the effect is a lot more diluted for me than it was for him. He’s an oral sex hound to begin with, too, so getting feedback from him was more a series of mouth-full affirmations than it was a studied chat. I got the distinct impression that he noticed the difference, but it wasn’t enough to make him question what I’d changed – so a pleasant little add-on, but nothing earth shattering. Then again, if enthusiasm is any tip-off, he went at it like a man half-starved – thanks, Sweet Release!

Overall, this product is worth a go if you’re looking to improve the taste of ejaculation for him or her. The price is pretty fair, the customer service is great, and the pills look really well put-together.

Sweet Release can be purchased for $14.95 (both his and her versions) at It’s the best oral sex enhancer I’ve tried so far 🙂

One response to “Project Sugarlips: Sweet Release for Him & Her!

  1. Wow! I learn about a new product every day.
    This little pill can really sweeten up your sex life!
    Helen xxx

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