I’ve Been at McDonald’s. A lot.

on June 1, 2012

Inevitably when I vanish off grid for a bit there are interesting stories. Sadly, they are never of the “I won the lottery” or “I discovered a rogue pack of delicious cupcakes” variety. They are almost always of the “my car broke down in a strip club parking lot at 3 am while my purse was full of surf and turf” variety.

This time, replace strip club with a jaunt to SC and surf and turf with needing to put my beloved 12 year old pet rabbit to sleep. Memorial day, in a nutshell, sucked for the husband and I as we were tangling with gloriously unhelpful vet techs and trying to determine why it took in excess of $300 for them to do…that.

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ToySir’s been working construction out in middle-of-nowhere NC (I don’t get cell signal here) and, as he can’t drive at the moment, I’m bringing him here and home each day. The site is an hour from the house and gas is expensive, so I’ve been camping out in McDonald’s here for 6-8 hour “shifts” and tapping into their wifi.

The absence of dildos on my blog lately is directly related to this situation, and in fact I’ve had difficulty even doing the paying writing work I get for the industry because – of course – the only outlet in the entire restaurant is right next to where they display the happy meal toys. Thankfully, sexy normalcy is on the horizon because we’re about due for another installment of SugarLips with the results of Sweet Release.

*salute* Back soon, ladies, gents and folks.

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