The Mentioning of Unmentionables: Bad Customer Service

on May 17, 2012

A business is hard to run. There’s always a million little things going wrong, employees not communicating correctly, understocking and other annoying issues to contend with. That being said, even the lowliest cashier has sense enough to know that if there’s extra money in the till at the end of a workday, it bears a little investigation at the least. Over at Note from Lapland, a fellow blogger gives us the timeline of an ill-fated order to NaughtyNightsUK, a big-ish store (large enough to approach some of us stateside about advertising, anyway) across the pond.

What strikes me is that they held onto her money for two months without even looking into where it came from. OhMiBod is not your cheap plastic freebie sort of vibe – it’s a collection of high-quality products and I know they carry a price tag to match. In addition, it’s eye-rollingly obvious when you only jump up to take on a problem when bad PR starts flowing…don’t be disingenuous, be apologetic and acknowledge that the SEO megaphone of twitter is what made you hop to, not some newfangled customer service “system”.

This is my signal boost here stateside to caution my UK friends about patronizing this joint. If you need an alternative with decent customer service, LoveHoney is getting some solid mention in the comments.

One response to “The Mentioning of Unmentionables: Bad Customer Service

  1. EmmaK says:

    oh irony of ironies: May is national masturbation month. Shame on Naughty Nights UK for losing a vibrator that might have made May go with a bang not a whimper for Note from Lapland.

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