Project Sugarlips: Baseline

on May 8, 2012

Project Sugarlips at

(FYI, if you know me as a family member or a non-BDSMy friend, don’t read the Sugarlips series, please. It’s very explicit and I don’t need to have certain people knowing what happens when I’m doing things to my husband with my face. Thanks!)

I don’t remember what erotic book I read it in, but there’s a passage in which a female protagonist compares the taste of semen to a mixture of “eggwhites and seawater” – a description that has always stuck with me. Numerous biological clues have hinted my husband is very well suited to me as a partner – the lack of lube not the least of them – and the fact that his semen has no ammonia taste (the “eggwhite” side of things) to me might be another. I consider that ammonia-taste unpleasantly similar to cleaning products, personally, though there may be other gals or guys that dig it.

I concentrated during my last oral session, tasting him beyond the swallow/kiss/cuddle usual end of things. Much like wine, guy-stuff takes on different levels of complexity when it’s held in the mouth while breathing through the nose. (I know, some of you non-swallowers are squicked out here, but just bear in mind this is all in the name of science to help YOU.) My husband is, to my palate, delightfully neutral, though a tinge of that ammonia-undertone sneaks in after a few moments. That being said, I’m going to use that end-hint as my baseline – a good “sweetener” should wipe that out or delay/mute the taste by changing the PH balance of the ejaculate itself.

My husband quit smoking about a year ago, so we don’t have that to contend with, and he doesn’t drink coffee either, so we dodge that. Both of these contributors can make semen bitter or acrid-tasting, and general advice for partners who want their man to taste better almost always mention that these should be reduced or eliminated.

So. That being said:

  • Sweetness (1-10) – 2
  • “Ammonia” (1-10) – 2, at the 1 min mark.
  • Viscosity (1-10) -4

I will note our observations with the experimental supplements (increase in volume/intensity, etc) on a case-by-case basis. Next installment will be pineapple, more than likely – after that, it looks like our first sponsor will be Sweet Release, though I’m waiting to hear the final details from their camp.

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