Wicked Web Review: DancingBear.com

on April 18, 2012

DancingBear.com Logo

If you’re into a certain genre of porn, chances are there’s a membership site out there that caters explicitly to your tastes. Blowjobs, barely legal and a host of others are fairly commonplace, but as their exposure (har!) continues to crowd the ‘net, more exotic sites are popping up. DancingBear.com is a site that caters to CFNM enthusiasts – that’s clothed female, naked male. I was aware of this particular acronym from my association with the BDSM community, but where my previous understanding was that CFNM was used in a humiliation sense for the male, DancingBear is all about fun all around.

The premise is this: a large group of women gather for a celebration – bachelorette party, 21st birthday, going-away party, arbor day (okay, so I made that one up) and someone’s hired a stripper. He does his thing, his clothes come off, theirs stay on, and all the women take turns blowing the guy. He’s just trying to do his job, ladies! Sometimes the guest of honor or one of her friends will have out-and-out sex in front of everyone, often the stripper will cum on someone’s face. At some point in every movie the eponymous costume bear head comes out while the well-built male body beneath it continues to strut its stuff.  There is usually more than one male stripper in every video, and the crowd is raucous and loud in cheering on their every move.

The women in the background are of all shapes and sizes, but it’s usually the typical “porn pretty” girl that gets fucked outright – that being said, it’s not unusual to see “real” details on these women too, like natural pubic hair. DancingBear manages to capture the frenzy and go-wild energy of a party while still keeping camera angles clear and lighting unobtrusive. Party porn is often plagued by strobe lights, errant shadows or lighting that is either too bright or too dim, but their camera work manages a believable you’re-right-there point of view without overdoing it.

Each movie is full length (around 60-80 minutes each, from my explorations), and a member has the option of watching the whole thing in various forms – high def, medium, etc. This is what the “watch video” screen looks like from a logged-in perspective:

DancingBear.com Screenshot


DancingBear.com login memberships can be purchased for $1 / 48 hours, $24.95/month and $119 / year. 

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