A New Evil Lair Awaits!

on March 28, 2012

Okay, so it’s just a new house. I’m moving to a new house with my husband because this one is poorly laid out, and while I appreciate the convenience of being able to walk up the block to pick up crack, we don’t partake and thus our current location is just wasted on the likes of us. I will miss it here, but a giant yard for the dog and an area that can be reasonably turned into a BDSM playspace was a bit of a siren’s call. Here’s to new adventures!

I may be short on posts this week as we make the transition – naturally, we’re good little internet junkies and the comps will be the first things unpacked, but the net won’t be turned on until the 1st.

Expect rampant phone-based twittering as we wait on the technician. 🙂


ETA: Here’s a pic of all my dildos! Packing lends itself to photo ops with this stuff 🙂

ThatToyChick's Dildo Collection

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