Sex Toy Review: Jute Rope and Hemp Rope from

on March 20, 2012
Jute and Hemp Ropes from

Jute and Hemp Ropes from

For readers that may not know, ToySir and I met in late 2010 on Fetlife. Due to a hilarious-yet-sad series of circumstances, the rope dominant I’d been palling around with never did end up tying me up, leaving me a frustrated rope virgin. I stumbled across ToySir on a comment thread and slipped a heavy-handed hint into his inbox – less than two weeks later we were holed up in a cheap hotel room and I finally got tied up. Needless to say, rope has a special place in my heart, as it inadvertently led me to my now-husband…our wedding rings even have ropes on them in honor of “the ties that bind”.

Last summer, I ordered a set of ropes from a certain “tangled priest”, shelling out over $150 to get Sir a nice all-around kit to add to our toybag. What followed was an inexplicable month-long wait after several reassurances that my items would “ship soon”. The Vegas vacation we had planned a month prior (I had mentioned needing the rope for it, mind you) came and went, and we came back to find the box sitting on our doorstep, delivered several days after we’d already left. The dye I paid extra for didn’t saturate past the very top layer of rope, and the rope shed dyed hemp “dandruff” all over the sheets and our clothing, despite shaking it out and rubbing down the surface before pressing it into service. I was underwhelmed to say the least.

Enter Lovers Knot Rope Company. I was browsing around for other rope buying options – a friend had requested one of me and “tangled” just wasn’t cutting it for me – and I found the site. My communications with the gent running things were clear, quick and friendly and I was immediately enamored of the difference I experienced from the start. But OH when my rope arrived, I was sold. The undyed hemp is positively silky, and that perfect weight that begs to be picked up and worked into harnesses, bindings and so much more. I handed it to Sir, the resident rope expert of we two, and he immediately remarked about how much smoother the surface was than our other hemp rope.

Ropes from

Very simple back tie.

The jute was surprisingly light, and I could see it being very, very comfortable for long term wear, such as harnesses for a convention or event. I smooshed it around and tied and untied it over our white bedsheets, and there was no “dandruff” to be seen. The ends on the rope are whipped and sewn to prevent unraveling, as seen in this closeup: Jute Rope

Whipped and sewn ends.

Lover’s Knot Rope Company’s jute and hemp rope are currently available in natural, red, black and plum purple – that delightful deep blue is joining the lineup shortly. Rope runs $16 for 15 feet and $31 for 30 feet, and custom lengths and wall knotting are available for an additional $5 a unit.

Ropes from

Blue jute rope, red jute rope and natural hemp.

I highly recommend Lover’s Knot Rope products from – they’re a much-loved addition to our toy bag, I feel the prices are very reasonable, and the customer service is top-notch. These are folks who care a lot about the products they’re putting out into the fetish world, and it shows.

4 responses to “Sex Toy Review: Jute Rope and Hemp Rope from

  1. Kinky Kupid says:

    Thanks for sharing this company. Tried to click through their link but Firefox would not open it. We would love to see if we can work with them. Seems like a fun kinky company.

  2. Hi there Kinky Kupid! They were moving sites and I was a dork – forgot to put the right links in! The problem’s been corrected, and you can get your hands on some jute-hempy goodness over at 🙂

  3. […] to be a big part of our sex life, three years later. I have a virtual war chest of floggers, rope, vampire gloves, you name it. I also love Dildos (I’d say I’m a Dildologist, but some […]

  4. Robert says:

    My dealings with KnottyKink wasn’t so pleasant. Similar situation to your first order….arrived too late for fun. Unanswered emails and just very poor communication on behalf of Joshuah and his “fulfillment center” made for a very frustrating transaction. Joshuah did apologize for the confusion, promising some free rope, but after nearly 2 months of emailing it still has yet to arrive. Your experience may be different so Buyer Beware!

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