Carnal Connections: Technology + Sex

on March 3, 2012

I love my computer, but only platonically. Okay, maybe sometimes redtube gets up in the mix and things get a little hot and heavy, but for the most part I haven’t yet turned my consumer electronic devices to more personal applications. I may be in the minority, however, with sex and tech becoming intimate bedfellows – one product launch at a time.

The mojowijo sex toy

The Mojowiijo


This product has been heating up the interwebz for a few weeks now, and it looks really intriguing. The kind folks there were nice enough to send me all the specs and info, because I’ll admit at first glance I wasn’t quite sure how the operation end of it worked. It evidently taps into the bluetooth capabilities of the familiar wii remote (“wiimote”), using them to connect with your home computer (the Wii console isn’t actually needed). From there, it translates the movements of a distant partner – via a combination of skype and the mojowiijo program – into variable vibrations through the device. A ‘female’ version, which is a G-spotter shaft reminiscent of the Lelo Gigi, joins an interesting half-moon shaped ‘male’ version that wraps around a male users shaft. Thoughtfully, the company also makes mention of same sex use and pairings on their FAQs, which I thought was a particularly classy inclusive touch. Get yours for 119 each or 229 for a pair when you buy Mojowijo Sex Toys Online.


Condoms from

QR Condoms from Campaign

Internet-enabled condoms? Well, not quite yet, but we’re getting closer! A brilliant campaign from Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest has paired up the social media-friendly phenomena of QR codes – special digital “visual shortcuts” that perform an action when focused on with a cell phone camera – with the smart choice of protected sex to appeal to the cell-phone-lovin youth of today. Scanning the QR code adds an anonymous GPS-enabled entry to to show where the user practiced safe sex. It’s…unsurprisingly…pretty popular already.


The iPhone-enabled Freestyle W Rabbit Vibe from OhMiBod.

Speaking of iPhone addiction, the idea of the phone-as-sex-toy has taken new leaps while your Toychick wasn’t paying attention, and OhMiBod’s got some ridiculously awesome new toys out. How about a rabbit vibrator that can be controlled with a FREE itunes app? The Freestyle W is sleek, sexy and pretty damn cool.

(Having recently written fresh copy for the clusterfuck of awful that is the Highjoy Internet Enabled Rabbit, seeing stuff like this is refreshing. The Highjoy software gets low marks every time it’s reviewed, requires BOTH partners to pony up a monthly “membership” fee that’s more than some Netflix subscriptions, and offers little more than a headache in the setup process. It may have been revolutionary in the time of AOL 3.0 and Nokia brick phones, but the time has come for this vibe & its technology to make a graceful exit, citing competition like OhMiBod’s innovation.)

3 responses to “Carnal Connections: Technology + Sex

  1. Cletus Olnick says:

    What is a good, honest sex toy site that I can purchase from?

    • Not one that advertises via blog comment spam, Monsieur Olnick.

      I took the liberty of removing the website address you included – I inferred that if you were still looking for a good, honest sex toy site that the one you included must not fit the bill.


  2. Kiwibeth says:

    Wow. Japan never fails to shock me.

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