Wet Inttimo Massage Oils Rub Me the Right Way

on August 16, 2011

Inttimo Massage Oils Line

Don’t get me wrong, I think that soft, candlelit romance straight out of an illustrated Kama Sutra guide has its place in a relationship, but the day to day – at least for me – is far less silk-filtered. Erotic massage ranks pretty damn high only list of sexy things, second only to useful massage that makes other (less directly sexy) parts of me stop hurting. Crucial to this process is the massage medium; the oil, lotion, or other slick substance used to smooth out strokes and keep distracting friction to a minimum throughout the process.

I am very, very fussy about what goes on my skin, to the end that my body lotions have gained their coveted positions amongst my toiletries only through years of dedicated service. A lot of massage oils are exactly that – oil – that sits on the skin and makes you feel less like a pampered goddess and more like a braised cornish game hen* slated for the oven. In a similar vein, a lot of massage oil scents are geared towards women, slathering would-be massagees up in Eau de Fruit Loops or Essence of Department Store Cosmetics Counter, and where does that leave the menfolk and the lovers of non-traditional scents? Out in a nasally no man’s land, that’s where.

It’s rare I find something that I’m so fond of that it never leaves the bedside table, but Wet Inttimo has a well-earned place beside my glasses every night. I’m supremely lucky in that my awesome ToySir gives me a rubdown of some sorts at least once a day, and I’m willing to believe his fondness for the scent of the Tranquility oil has something to do with the sudden upswing in massagery lately. A toothpaste cap’s worth of the oil is all you really need for the whole back, and the small opening that’s thoughtfully placed at the bottle top under the cap keeps the flow entirely in the holder’s control. Even with our frequent use, one bottle lasted us a good four or five months, which means this product is more than worth it, to me.

The formula, which is about the same consistency of olive oil (but actually has a base of sweet almond oil) is scented, but not perfumed – I feel this is an important distinction to make because I go instantly to headache-ville the minute something heavily perfumed is put in my immediate area, let alone on my skin. Yes, you can smell the scents of each of the four varieties, but nothing knocks you off your feet or pulls your consciousness out of relaxation. The oil absorbs quickly and doesn’t make me feel “unwashed” as some others have; I usually like to rinse off after a long rubdown, but there have been times I haven’t and I’ve felt just fine.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, long-lasting, and high quality massage oil, pick up a bottle of Wet Inttimo. I’ve used it for several years and have only grown to enjoy it more and more each time I open my little bedside bottle. There are four scents to choose from: Tranquility (my fave) with ginger and bergamot, Romance with cedarwood and patchouli, Sensuality with ylang-ylang and tuberose, and Forbidden Fruit with wildberries. Each bottle is 4 oz and can be purchased for $10.95 here.


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