Weird Sex Toys O The Week #6 – “Foot Masturbators” Edition

on February 3, 2009

Rather self-explanatory, there’s a whole subculture in the adult toy world cashing in on titillating tootsies. Personally, I am completely on the other end of the spectrum as far as liking feet goes, but to each their own!

Update, July 2009 – You foot fetishists are a dedicated bunch! Despite this post being written in -February-, I’m still getting a bajillion hits a day searching for “Serenity’s Little Piggies” or “Sifeet Pussy Foot”. Never one to ignore the needs of fans, I’d like to offer an additional peek at a NEW foot toy, a mold made from Adult Film Star Justine Joli. I’ve added the picture to the gallery below!

And so I present (with misgivings): Serenity’s Little Piggies, Kalani’s Foot Masturbator, Jesse’s Senso Foot Masturbator, and the fairly well-known Sifeet Pussyfoot.

I have no problem with foot fetishists per se; but the disembodied vaginas always freaked me out enough…these just..border on CSI props.


3 responses to “Weird Sex Toys O The Week #6 – “Foot Masturbators” Edition

  1. Beautiful Dreamer says:

    Umm. No thanks, too out there for me.

  2. turnNburn says:

    Hey Toychick, how are you? I found you via Twitter and normally wouldn’t comment but that foot w/vagina does take the cake. But it’s like you said to each his own. Looks like the hand would have been more practical. Yeah if I had one of those my pants would only have slits where the pockets used to be (lol……anyway, I’ve got a blog with paid hosting so I guess that makes it a notch better than, not really sure, but have always wanted to sell womens lingerie and to me the toys are a logical sideline. I am just starting and the traffic is my primary focus right now but if and when it starts ginning so to speak, would you be interested in some tactful referrals in the toy department? Just a thought. Let me know if you would be interested. Thanks. GT.

    Hey there GT! Sure, I’d love to help out. You might want to take a look at my Toychick Compendium List to get a feel for some of the manufacturers, and if the time comes when you’d like a full out distributor, I’d be happy to recommend one, just email me…thattoychick at gmail . com – good luck! -TTC

  3. mykhunt says:

    Reblogged this on Riding Herd at the Dildo Ranch and commented:
    A friend of mine posted a picture of this on facebook, and it was so bizarre I had to share. Props to the owner of this blog for finding weird sex stuff…one of my new favorite blogs.

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