Vixen Creations Astro Vibe – The Specs

on November 4, 2008

See all nude photos of Astro in this week’s TTC:Reviews! Hot Orange-on-Green action that just won’t quit!

What’s big, thick, ridged, and super sexy? The Vixen Creations Astro Vibe!

The Astro: 7″ long | 6.5″ Insertable | 5.75 Circumference | 11 Ounces

I recently had a chance to sit down with the Astro and talk shop about relationships, life, and its recent travels across the G-spot.

TTC: Astro, it’s a pleasure to have you visit us here at TTC. Inquiring readers want to know – what sets you apart from the wealth of dildos on the market?

Astro: Well, TTC, it’s not easy to have ribs in a straight-shaft society, but I’ve learned to love my curves! People have said I’m a little bent, and…well I mean I can’t really refute that. I definitely lean to the left – well, right, it depends on how you look at it. In any case, it came in handy on my last trip!

TTC: Lets talk about that; your recent travels across the G-spot have earned you some enthusiastic acclaim. How was your trip?

Astro: Oh, it was wonderful! A little dark, sure, but I slid in on a late flight and it just felt – I guess I’d say made for me? Yeah, it felt like I really belonged. The locals seemed *very* happy to have me there – I guess other explorers before me didn’t quite connect with them the way I was able to. There was a lot of close contact and I was firm on my goals.

TTC: And what was your purpose? Did you accomplish what you set out to?

Astro: Oh, I definitely did. There was a lot of talks with the harness coalition, there’s going to be a lot of collaboration in the future with them. It was a goodwill mission, and everyone was smiling when I left, so I must be doing something right, huh? (laughs)

TTC: One last question – what do you say to those ugly rumors that you had phthalate work done?

Astro: (laughs) I can’t believe people don’t realize there’s no truth to it! Listen, I’m all silicone…no add ons here! I’m naturally thick, soft, and flexible, and if people can’t accept that, that’s a pity.


3 responses to “Vixen Creations Astro Vibe – The Specs

  1. @gcrush says:

    hmmmm…me likes the look of it, and you can insert a vibrator, all while ability to bend, and be soft!

    thank you for sharing!

  2. FieryRed says:

    This is an adorable review. Do you still happen to own one or both of these?

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